The restoration of Amy Johnson's Comet Racer Black Magic.

The restoration of Amy Johnson’s Comet Racer Black Magic

This week Project Leader Jane Priston and aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who will be flying her open cockpit biplane to Australia next year, visited Derby Aero Club to see the restoration of Amy Johnson’s DH88 Comet Racer ‘Black Magic’. A most memorable day and wonderful project. The team are working tirelessly to restore Amy’s plane to fly again, working from original drawings. They have got a long way but there is still much to do. You can become a project member for as little as £25 but please donate more if you can or speak to anyone who you think may wish to fund the completion of this historic endeavour. When Black Magic takes to the skies once more it will be the only aircraft owned by Amy Johnson to fly again. For more information go to Thank you to Martin Jones and Ken Fern for hosting the visit and sharing their incredible journey. Facebook pics

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