Moves to Honour Women with Civic Statues

04/25/2017/by Rejane Gwynne

Schools science competition launch for 2017

11/10/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Modelling of Amy Johnson in Clay – Time-lapse film

09/29/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson statue unveiling – ITV news video clip

09/20/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Herne Bay Amy Johnson Bronze Unveiling details

09/14/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

A rare Amy Johnson find to coincide with the unveiling of the bronze statue

09/06/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson bronze to be unveiled 17 September 2016

08/23/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Herne Bay commemorates Amy Johnson

01/05/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

Tracey Curtis-Taylor lands in Darwin

01/01/2016/by Rejane Gwynne

STEM Ambassador

12/08/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Tracey Curtis-Taylor commences epic solo flight to Australia

10/01/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

BBC Radio Kent interview

09/21/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Film – Amy Johnson Herne Bay Information Board

09/20/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Film – Amy Johnson Memorial Airshow

09/20/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Sunday Express feature about the Herne Bay Amy Johnson bronze

09/20/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson Memorial Airshow, 15 August 2015

08/15/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

The Amy Johnson Memorial Air Show – on the ground

08/07/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

The Royal International Air Tattoo

07/18/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Women In Aviation International

07/15/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Herne Bay Classic Car Show

06/28/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

British Women Pilots’ Association Diamond Jubilee Celebration

04/29/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

New Amy Johnson book for children

04/05/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson Memorial Air Show, Herne Bay

03/11/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Herne Bay High School International Women’s Day Event

03/06/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Canterbury Business and Regeneration Exhibition

03/04/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Hull festival inspired by the life of Amy Johnson

03/03/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

BBC Radio Kent

02/27/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Rotary Club of Herne Bay

02/26/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Sewerby Hall on the BBC

01/25/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

Project visit to Hull

01/19/2015/by Rejane Gwynne

The restoration of Amy Johnson’s Comet Racer Black Magic

12/16/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Thales Christmas Reception

12/15/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Remembrance Sunday 2014

11/09/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Commemorative and Project Launch Event

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

KAS the Forces Sweetheart

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Schedule for our event on 20 September 2014

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Make-Upps vintage hair and makeup specialists

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson Biplane Bench

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson biography

09/20/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson Day, Pebble & Dash, 49 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay

08/30/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Amy Johnson Pebble and Dash day

08/30/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Royal Aeronautical Society Amy Johnson Debate, Farnborough International Air Show

07/17/2014/by Rejane Gwynne

Project aims to honour pilot Amy Johnson and inspire others

07/14/2014/by Rejane Gwynne